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S H A R E A B L E S 
BANG BANG calamari or shrimp.  flash fried. spicy mayo. lemon  16 
CHASERS NACHOS chorizo white cheddar wiz. corn bean salsa. jalapeno. cotija cheese. cilantro  18
CHEESY CRAB DIP old bay kettle chips. lemon. scallions  18
EDAMAME hot honey chili crisp. roasted garlic aioli  9
TUNA NACHOS avocado. yum yum sauce. wontons. seaweed. furikake  18 

W I N G S (1LB)  18 celery. carrot. sauce
STRINGER korean bbq. tangy. sweet. umami. scallions. toasted sesame seeds   
UPTOWN traditional buffalo. blue cheese crumble
BIG BREAK pineapple sweet chile. furikake. scallions.   
JERKBAIT caribbean jerk. sweet. smokey. fiery. fruity. furikake  
CHESAPEAKE BAY old bay butter rub. scallions    
S O U P S  &  S A L A D S 
GARDEN spring mix. tomato. cucumber. radish. onion. celery. lemon herb balsamic. croutons 12 
CAESAR romaine. pecorino. croutons 11 
STREET CORN SALAD arugula. spinach.  avocado. honey chipotle. cotija. pickled jalapenos. cornnut 12  
ADD: SWORD +12   CHICKEN +10   SALMON +12  MAHI +12   SHRIMP +13  CRAB CAKE +23 

T A C O S  
served in orders of 3 with fresh, warm flour tortillas
substitutes - bib lettuce +2  corn tortillas +2 
additions- seasonal vegetables +3   french fries +3   fruit bowl +3
SOCAL FISH TACOS pico de gallo. shaved cabbage. pickled onion. spicy mayo 22 
LOS POLLOS HERMANOS marinated chicken. roasted poblanos. birria chipotle. cotija cheese. cilantro. onion 17
FIRECRACKER crispy shrimp. grilled corn chutney. avocado. cotija cheese. spicy mayo 22
HANG TEN short rib. sofrito. avocado. cilantro. onion. radish 21

H A N D H E L D S 
served with dill pickle and choice of house kettle chips or coleslaw. 
substitutes - seasonal vegetables +3   french fries +3   fruit bowl +3
NACHO MAMA GRILLED CHEESE short rib. caramelized onion. fontina. au jus  19
PLAIN JANE lettuce. tomato. onion. choice of a hamburger or chicken breast   15
SMASHBURGER cheddar cheese. bacon. shaved onion. pickles. special sauce  18
BLACKENED MAHI RACHEL deli swirled rye. swiss. coleslaw. 1000 island  21
GRILLED SALMON BLT WRAP bibb lettuce. tomato. smoked bacon. ranch  17
CRAB CAKE  lettuce. tomato. tartar 26
JERKED CHICKEN BREAST grilled pineapple mango salsa. red onion. bib lettuce. honey mustard  17

FISH N CHIPS pesto fries.  house slaw. tartar 28
SHRIMP N GRITS pimento cheese grits. sausage.  poblano corn chutney. tomato broth. scallion 34
SURF AND TURF  roasted shrimp & short rib. yum yum sauce. cashew. pea shoots. hibachi fried rice 39
HERB ROASTED CHICKEN farm vegetables. pickled onion. avocado. toasted ancient grains 28
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